Technology Consulting in Search of Young Engineers

Technology Consulting in Search of Young Engineers

Internships, apprenticeships, blogs, event evenings… technology consulting players do not skimp on attracting the best and brightest candidates.

The technology consulting sector remains one of the main sources of employment for young engineers. Despite the uncertain economic outlook, all players continue to announce ambitious recruitment plans for 2012.

“Next year, recruitment will be at least equal to that achieved in 2011, i.e. 1500 in France, half of whom will be beginners,” says Gérard Briard, Segula’s Director of Management and Skills (technology and engineering consulting). In the automotive, rail, energy, aeronautics and aerospace sectors, the major groups that are our customers need technological support to design new products and remain in the race at the international level, especially in emerging countries.

Activity also remains very strong in IBM France’s technology consulting business. “Excluding acquisitions, at least 250 engineers should be recruited in 2012, half of them young graduates,” says Susan Lassiaille, recruitment manager for France. In times of crisis, our customers tend to accelerate the transformation of their information systems to improve their performance. This creates new opportunities for IBM.

No slowdown in activity either at Solucom (management consulting and information system). “On the contrary, we remain in a growth dynamic with 200 to 300 hires planned for 2012, 80% of whom will be young graduates,” says Laure Michel, head of recruitment. The company’s ambition is to become the leading independent consulting firm on the French market by 2015.

However, it is not always easy for these relatively low-profile technology consulting players to attract young engineers from all sides. “Since schools are already in high demand by major groups, we have extended our sourcing to universities where we recruit technical Masters, particularly in mechanics or IT,” says Gérard Briard. We also distinguish ourselves by welcoming many interns, about 150 per year. For four to five months, they will be integrated into our technical teams to work on attractive R&D projects. The objective being of course that they be recruited on permanent contracts at the end of their internship.

For Segula, the internship is also the best way to break down preconceived ideas “by showing young people the interest of the projects and their scope, knowing that 100 to 200 people can be mobilized in several countries”.

Innovative recruitment solutions

At Solucom, 70% of the new recruits come from engineering schools, the remaining 30% from management schools. “These profiles are in high demand and generally have between four and five job offers on hand. The challenge for us, as a consulting firm, is to differentiate ourselves from general IT services companies or large audit and consulting firms to make them want to join us,” explains Laure Michel.

To do this, the company organizes events such as the Solucom Meeting. “About thirty pre-qualified students, a priori interested in our company, are invited to attend an evening event in a prestigious venue to discover Solucom’s ambitions, meet managers and discuss with consultants in a friendly atmosphere. Following the last editions in June and September, more than forty candidates were recruited. On the strength of this success, we have decided to renew this operation as of next February

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