There are many elements that can help you optimize your work and that of your team. From a good relationship between collaborators, an adequate use of management tools, to a correct administration and optimization of your resources, among many other circumstances being the relationship between people one of the most complicated aspects of proper business administration and management.

In addition, there are the elements that we can control, more internal to the organization as models of business management, and there are those aspects of which we can not take greater control, such as everything related to circumstances external to our sector.


Business management engineering creates, designs and implements a series of business management techniques to take advantage of the resources that make up an organization. The ultimate goal is to achieve the objectives of the company, so these techniques must always be geared to fulfilling the purposes of the organization. The four basic pillars:

  • Plan
  • Organize and manage
  • Implement
  • Evaluate

Even during this process of engineering in business management, new departments and areas can be created to optimize and improve production processes.

Business management engineering also aligns technology and business management tools with the activities and objectives of the organization. Thus, many companies already use cloud services, such as Sinnaps. These are web applications for planning, managing and promoting collaborative work between teams. The objective of these business management tools? Increase the productivity and efficiency of work teams, and therefore, the entire organization.


The management of companies or business management is closely linked to the good management of teams and people who make it up. Therefore, one of the keys to success in the business management process will be knowing how to coordinate and manage the people who make up your company. Communication being your main tool for everything to run at cruising speed.

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So, and knowing that communication is the main basis for proper business management, these are the other keys to continue with your successful management.

  • Research for an adequate administration and business management. This phase is basic in all business management. Thanks to it, we can detect problems, needs and areas where our organization works best.
  • Planning your administration and business management through online tools easy for everyone. There is no time to be learning applications to improve the management and productivity of our teams. Use corporate management tools such as Sinnaps, easy to use, intuitive, in which everyone knows what activities should be done, what should be used for each task, and even communicate instantly with all the people who are part of the project.

In addition, these tools can help you better calculate the working path to make the most of every resource and every day. This is made possible by Sinnaps, which detects critical paths and days when it will be difficult to reach your deadlines on time. Detect them with time to modify your planning.

  • Delega. For an adequate administration and business management it is basic to know how to delegate. We cannot do everything ourselves and we are not specialists in everything. It leaves in hands the professionals specialized in each task, the execution of the same one. Also, if it is administrative work that takes a lot of time and can be done by someone else, give it away. The professional dedicated to the administration and business management, will be able to dedicate to other activities that the other members of the team can.
  • Effective management of all your resources during your administration and business management. Detect what you need for each of your activities. Do you have enough resources? Optimize each use of your resources to arrive on time and without scares to your deadlines. They are keys that online business management tools very accessible and can help you improve.
  • Plan meetings, milestones and key points in your calendar. Everyone should know that a fixed date will always review what has been done and project the following. In addition, in these meetings we will talk to the team to negotiate time and resources that each collaborator really needs to complete their work. This is a very related aspect in order to carry out an adequate business management.
  • Follow-up of your administration and business management. The continuous evaluation of everyone’s work is vital to know how to act in time, if there are changes. Detect the units of measurement that will tell you if your objectives are being met.
  • Measure each action, each activity with business management indicators. It is important that you know well what units of measurement will tell you if you are going to advance or not. Once you have localised, do you comply with what has been planned? If not, make changes. You can create planning simulations, with every change you’re thinking of making.

Like other options, applications like Sinnaps allow you to do these simulations in their test mode. In three seconds we tell you how to do them


Business management or management and direction of companies is the set of business management actions and techniques, aimed at achieving the strategic objectives of the organization. How can we adapt business management to our type of business? In what areas does business management act?

Above all, it happens with small and medium-sized companies: we want to cover everything and we cannot. These are the five areas of business management, business management functions, where we must be present (we do not perform all tasks) for proper administration and business management.

  • Administration
  • Commercial Area
  • Financial Area
  • Production
  • Human Resources


There are many software or business management programs that can help us in the management of our organization. There are more sophisticated, less accessible, with local licenses, etc.. And there are collaborative, easy to use, complete and accessible for all types of companies. There are also specialized software in our business sector.

Nowadays, more and more agile and flexible management companies are using web applications for business administration and management. Sinnaps, for example, allows to manage activities, team, objectives and resources in an easy and intuitive way.

When you work with this type of web applications, you will see how the productivity of your team increases, but not only that, but also improves communication between your collaborators. One of the basic and most complicated pillars of business administration and management.