5 Tips to Tame Technological Change

5 Tips to Tame Technological Change

I have taken a moment to look back over the past month to observe trends in the world of work and listen to the reaction of people who realize the need to take action to ensure the growth and sustainability of our companies.

In 2016, I had the opportunity to meet a leading figure in the world of exponential technologies. Jean-Pierre Argoragi is an astrophysicist who studies, among other things, the impact of these technologies on the workplace.

When you realize that today’s robots are not only excellent at performing technical tasks but also at performing tasks that require intuition, everything becomes possible to transform the world of work.

Francis Gosselin, PhD in economics, published an article on the Revue Gestion website that highlights how the economy will revolutionize and how our way of doing business will be influenced by the “blockchain”.

If the arrival of ATMs in the last century brought about a major change for employees and managers of financial institutions, imagine how the digitization of economic production will lead to a major job transformation in just a few years.

For her part, the Minister of the Economy, Dominique Anglade, wants to create a sense of urgency among Quebec entrepreneurs and employees. The technological revolution will affect all sectors of activity and those who do not take concrete action now will simply disappear.

Investissement Québec also produced a radio ad that I really liked. They clearly identify the challenges facing Quebec companies. They state that even if today, it is difficult to imagine the enormous transformation that the world of work awaits, it takes time, money and a lot of energy to imagine, create and set up the company that will be the one that can survive the technological revolution that is at our doorstep.

In parallel, I listened to Pierre-Yves McSween’s column on Paul Arcan’s morning show on 98.5 FM radio. He reported on the situation at Laurentian Bank, which is currently facing challenges and reactions that await us all. Between the desire to maintain what has been achieved, a certain form of security in both ways of doing things and in working conditions, there is a very real reality which, like a big wave, urges us to put aside our paradigms and beliefs in order to find completely new solutions so that we can reinvent the world of work and remain competitive on a national and international scale.

What to do to move from awareness to action

Develop your strategic vision using models such as the Business Model Generation

Review your current business processes and think in multidisciplinary teams about future processes using methodologies such as Design Thinking

Involve your current customers and suppliers to set up pilot projects and perhaps even a separate company to test your new ideas and plan the transformation.

Identify the main stakeholders in the transformation and work now to engage them in the transformation process. You can work with models such as Céline Bareil’s concern model, among others

Test your ideas in the field by communicating your plan to your employees. You also need to reframe your processes after your pilot projects.

These are time-consuming processes. On the other hand, they are conditions of success for a successful transformation. That’s why it’s important, even essential, to invest now to be ready to adapt to the technological revolution that’s coming at a speed that our minds can’t even imagine.

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