Month: October 2018

5 Tips to Tame Technological Change

I have taken a moment to look back over the past month to observe trends in the world of work and listen to the reaction of people who realize the need to take action to ensure the growth and sustainability of our companies. In 2016, I had the opportunity to meet a leading figure in […]

Technology Consulting in Search of Young Engineers

Internships, apprenticeships, blogs, event evenings… technology consulting players do not skimp on attracting the best and brightest candidates. The technology consulting sector remains one of the main sources of employment for young engineers. Despite the uncertain economic outlook, all players continue to announce ambitious recruitment plans for 2012. “Next year, recruitment will be at least […]

7 Crazy Technological Ideas to Fight Global Warming

The planet is in trouble. Climate change is already here, and the goal of reducing its magnitude seems difficult to achieve. To reduce greenhouse gas concentrations, some people imagine that technology could provide us with a break, or even a long-term solution. Geo-engineering is exploring possible technical solutions to get rid of excess carbon dioxide […]

Technology Management

For the best advisors, the key to increased productivity is to clearly define their company’s objectives and strategies before starting to implement time management techniques. They spend time working ON their business, setting direction as to how they will work more effectively. They have a clear vision for the next five years and direct the […]

Insight Into The Technology Jungle

Marketers love good numbers, so here’s one for starters: 2,567%. This is not a typo, this astronomical percentage is the incredible increase in the number of technology vendors since 2011. Let this statement drop for a moment: In just five years, the number of vendors offering a marketing technology solution has increased from 150 to […]